Phoenix v|tome|x m - Industrial CT Scanner

The phoenix v|tome|x m is a versatile X-ray microfocus CT system for 3D metrology and analysis with up to 300 kV / 500 W. For the first time, GE’s unique X-ray tube is available in a compact CT system for industrial process control as well as for scientific research applications. Beyond down to < 1 µm detail detectability, the system offers industry leading magnification and power at 300 kV. GE’s high dynamic DXR digital detector array and the click & measure|CT automatization functionality make it an efficient 3D tool. The v|tome|x m is the first industrial mircoCT scanner with GE's breakthrough scatter|correct technology. This technological advancement automatically removes scatter artifacts from CT volume, allowing users to gain significant improved CT results compared to conventional cone beam microCT.

Phoenix v|tome|x c High Throughput 450 KV Industrial CT Scanner

With the phoenix v|tome|x c, GE offers a compact 450 kV CT system specially designed for NDT and quality assurance labs in foundries or aerospace applications allowing both, combined semi-automated NDT and 3D metrology. The low maintenance and production oriented design features like easy loading tools, barcode reader etc., as well as the new one-button|CT automatization functionality make the system a very efficient tool for high throughput industrial quality assurance. It is the first industrial CT scanner with GE’s proprietary breakthrough scatter|correct technology option allowing users to gain a low scatter artifact CT quality level never before reached with conventional industrial flat panel cone beam CT. GE’s new  scatter|correct technology automatically removes most scatter artifacts from the CT volume. This technological advancement provides image quality similar to that achieved with fan beam scanning but at speeds up to 100 times faster. The quick|pick manipulator of the high speed configuration HS even allows fully automated CT evaluation of large batches, e.g. to scan up to 25 turbine blades without any operator action within approx. 2 hrs. The system offers industry leading sample size, flexibility and maximum penetration power for high absorbing samples at 450 kV.

Phoenix v|tome|x s Industrial High-Resolution CT & X-Ray System

The v|tome|x s is a versatile high-resolution system for 2D X-ray inspection and 3D computed tomography (micro ct and nano ct) and 3D metrology. To allow high flexibility, the v|tome|x s may be equipped with a 180 kV/15 W high-power nanofocus X-ray tube and a 240 kV/320 W microfocus tube. Due to this unique combination, the CT system is a very effective and reliable tool for a wide range of applications from extreme high-resolution scans of low absorbing materials as well as for 3D analysis of high absorbing objects.

Phoenix v|tome|x L 300 microCT Scanner & Industrial X-Ray System

The phoenix v|tome|x L 300 is a versatile high-resolution microfocus system for 2D and 3D computed tomography (microCT) and 2D non-destructive X-ray inspection. It is equipped with a unipolar 300 kV/500 W microfocus source and handles large samples up to 50 kg and up to 500 mm in diameter with extremely high precision. The system is a great solution for void and flaw detection and 3D metrology (e.g. first article inspection) of composites, castings and precision parts, e.g. injection nozzles or turbine blades.

Phoenix v|tome|x L 450 - High Resolution CT & X-Ray System

The phoenix v|tome|x L 450 is a versatile minifocus system for 2D and 3D computed tomography and 2D non-destructive X-ray inspection. With its granite-based manipulation it is handling even large samples with high precision. The system is an excellent solution for void and flaw detection and 3D metrology (e.g. first article inspection) of castings. An optionally second 300 kV microfocus X-ray tube allows to adapt the phoenix v|tome|x L 450 to any kind of industrial and scientific CT application.

Phoenix nanotom m - microCT & nanoCT Computed Tomography System

The phoenix nanotom® m is a nanoCT® system for scientific and industrial computed tomography (microCT and nanoCT) and 3D metrology. The system realizes a unique spatial and contrast resolution on a wide sample and application range. Fully automated execution of CT scan, reconstruction and analysis process ensures its ease of use and fast, reliable CT results. Precise and reproducible 3D measurements of complex objects and the automatic generation of first article inspection reports within an hour are possible.


Phoenix nanotom s - Industrial Nanofocus CT System

GE's phoenix nanotom® s is the first 180 kV/15 W nanofocus computed tomography (nanoCT®) system perfectly tailored to high resolution CT applications e.g. in material science, precision injection moulding, geology or micromechanics. The nanotom is the inspection solution for a wide range of 3D CT applications. Once scanned, the fully three dimensional CT information allows many possibilities for analysis. Precise 3D measurements of complex objects or the automatic generation of first article inspection reports within an hour are possible.

Phoenix microme|x Microfocus X-ray System

The phoenix microme|x is a high-resolution 180 kV microfocus X-ray inspection system for real time inspection of solder joints and electronic components as well as for automated inspection (µAXI). Innovative and unique features and an extreme high positioning accuracy make the system the effective and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D inspection tasks: R&D, failure analysis, process and quality control as well as automated offline inspection. Optional the system can be equipped with CT or planarCT.


Phoenix nanome|x High-Resolution Nanofocus X-Ray Inspection System

The phoenix nanome|x is an ultra high-resolution nanofocus X-ray inspection system designed for inspecting high-quality assemblies and interconnections in the semiconductor and SMT industries. The system offers excellent performance and versatility and can be optionally used for 2D X-ray inspection as well as for full 3D computed tomography (micro- and nanoCT as well as planarCT). With the phoenix x|act software package the phoenix nanome|x is the system of choice to ensure meeting actual and future zero defect requirements. 

Phoenix x|aminer Industrial X-Ray System

The phoenix x|aminer is an easy to use entry-level non-destructive testing (NDT) X-ray inspection system with strong performance that is designed for the special needs of the high-resolution inspection of electronic assemblies, components and PCBA. Due to the new combination of CMOS flat panel detector and computed tomography (CT) the system provides significant better signal-to-noise-ratio, sharpness and life-imaging capability compared to image intensifier based CT. The powerful phoenix x|act base software for 2D and phoenix datos|x base for CT offers ease of use and allows manual as well as automatic inspection.

Seifert x|cube Real-Time X-Ray Inspection System

The x|cube series is a highly versatile industrial X-ray system family for radioscopic spot tests and inspection of automotive or aerospace samples such as light metal castings, steel components, plastics, ceramics and special alloys with 160, 225 or 320 kV. Its design allows a great flexibility in applications such as production, incoming inspection, failure analysis or research & development. The ease of operating and programming and Flash!FiltersTM image enhancement enable the user to make the correct inspection decisions. Optional Computed Tomography allows even 3D inspection.

Seifert Blade|line CT Aircraft Turbine Blade Inspection and Measurement System

GE's 450 kV X-ray fan beam Computed Tomography (CT) system is designed to allow accurate and fast inspection of aircraft turbine blades by measuring the complex internal geometries components such as high pressure turbine blade castings in the aerospace industry. blade|line is GE Inspection Technologies’ answer to the ambitious US MAI Affordable CT initiative to replace conventional ultrasonic testing inspections of inconel or other nickel-based alloy blades by high-throughput high-precision CT slice evaluation.

Seifert x|blade - Digital X-ray Blade Inspection System

GE's Seifert x|blade is a user-friendly, non-destructive (NDT) X-ray inspection system, designed with casting parts in mind, featuring premium image quality and high-volume throughput. It combines robotic positioning of parts to be inspected, with an imaging chain which can be customized to meet specific application needs and a DICONDE-compliant image review, sharing and archiving system to offer fast, flexible inspection and reviewing tools.

Seifert Speed|scan CT 64 High-Speed Industrial CT System

GE’s speed|scan CT 64 is a new automated high-speed computed tomography system for production process control and optimization. Advanced medical GE gantry based computed tomography (CT) provides technology that has been established over a period of nearly four decades and now is available for revolutionary high-speed process control in industry. 4x faster than the first speed|scan generation and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan beam CT.